DEEPYT is AI that supports you in all your challenges.

Design, accelerate physical tests and simulations, simplify your product development in record time, with design solutions you couldn't imagine before.

The faster, more innovative and intuitive SOFTWARE.

DEEPYT applies artificial intelligence to mechanical, structural and fluid dynamics design to optimise the product development. It acquires and self-learns from your know-how, highlights deep connections between data and drastically reduces testing and simulation time.

Explore the advantages of AI on your local computer.

With DEEPYT you don't have to place your data on the cloud: just buy the software, install it on your computer and operate locally without having to transmit and store business information on the network. Start today to use Machine Learning to design more efficient products with the maximum security.


DEEPYT is an advanced technology that learns and goes beyond innovation. It is a true virtual designer: it extracts know-how from company data, connects in a simple way the software usually used in the design sequence, and coordinates them through optimisation and Machine Learning algorithms.


By integrating Machine Learning into its proprietary platform, DEEPYT reduces verification time to a matter of seconds. The software expands your opportunities to find the optimal product geometry: now you can decide in minutes, with total confidence in the results.


Customisable to your every need, it is the tool you need to give you maximum support and become a market leader.


DEEPYT is the artificial intelligence that revolutionises workflow: your company gains in efficiency and productivity. It is compatible with both Windows and Linux.

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Redefine the potential of your data with

Future is today with GENERATIVE DESIGN

Discover how DEEPYT can help you to optimize the design thanks to artificial intelligence.


Every engineering process produces a great amount of complex CAD-CAE data that your company probably doesn't fully exploit. With the implementation of AI and the integration of ML algorithms, DEEPYT software learns itself, arriving at more and more complex processings with which you can discover new insights.


DEEPYT solves problems and captures relationships between data that generate unthinkable strategic information: it automatically explores a wider design space and suggests the best options.

It only takes 4 simple steps:

1. Imports data from drawings, models and tables into the platform.

2. DEEPYT processes them in the best format for processing by our Machine Learning algorithms without the need for scripting.

3. It automatically links the multiple software packages that are traditionally used in sequence for design activities. Now the new product development cycle is truly integrated and enhanced by artificial intelligence algorithms.

4. The platform interprets the outputs from the chain by combining historical data and new design inputs. DEEPYT predicts quality and performance by reducing tests and simulations, whether you are testing a new design or verifying it under different operating conditions. Whatever the case, the solution arrives within a minute, the impact of the results obtained is multiplied.

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DEEPYT AI reduces time to market because:


Process complex data loads in real time, do analyses that would otherwise take hours. Do you need to improve the efficiency of a component? Reduce the consumption of your product? DEEPYT gives you a deeper understanding of the problem to be solved.


An open and flexible platform dialogues with all the software you already use in your company, integrating and improving your workflow. It connects advanced technologies involved in the development of new products in a "simple" and autonomous way, integrates the analysis of data from different databases, and develops solutions meeting all requirements. Your engineers really do work as a team, saving hours of work.


Artificial intelligence extracts know-how from company archives by integrating your experience. Now you can test multiple combinations of geometries because the iterative process is simplified by DEEPYT AI, multiply your design solutions, and trigger multiple opportunities whatever is your application.


Choosing DEEPYT AI is choosing a platform that simplifies the complexity of calculations and does the work for you. It has an extremely intuitive interface that applies ML techniques to mechanical engineering design, but facilitates every operation: its functionalities are easy to use, which allows you to operate quickly and independently. It is compatible with both Windows and Linux.

Why should you choose DEEPYT?

Because it streamlines and improves your design process, increasing the quality of your products in terms of efficiency, innovation and sustainability.

Because when you launch the programme, in just a few clicks you can work autonomously, reducing time to market.

Because you have us by your side, working every day to support you with new solutions, always ready to listen to your suggestions.

Consultancy and training for you and your team

Our development team guarantees you the best applicative and methodological consultancy for your sector. We customise DEEPYT according to your needs and the product development cycle to give you what you need. We support you with a training service aimed at making the design more efficient and in line with the demands of the market in which you operate. Are you ready to evolve the way you work?

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